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40 Days of Prayer for Our Schools
Aug. 17: Pray for college students returning to school

Aug. 18: Pray for in-coming college freshman

Aug. 19: Pray for University administrations

Aug. 20: Pray for College professors

Aug. 21: Pray for Christian ministries on college campuses

Aug. 22: Pray for Superintendent Dr. Kym LeBlanc-Esparza as she leads our school district.

Aug. 23: Pray for Principals Sean O’Donnell (high school), Chris Hinger (Middle School) and Justin Cowan (Elementary)

Aug. 24: Pray for Darren Gantt (principal at Valor) and Stephen Porter (Valor Director)

Aug. 25: Pray for the school board for our school district

Aug. 26: Pray for our college students to make good Christian friends

Aug 27: Pray for all teachers and support staff as they make last minute preparations for the start of school.

Aug 28: Pray for all of our school counselors.

Aug. 29: Pray for all the custodial and other staff as they work hard to keep everything clean and running smoothly.

Aug. 30: Pray for students to be able to focus in the midst of all the changes.

Aug. 31: Pray for students who are anxious about the start of school.

Sept. 1: Pray for Pagosa Valor Academy’s first day of school. Pray for all administration, staff, students and families.

Sept. 2: Pray for all homeschool students and parents.

Sept. 3: Pray for students doing online school.

Sept.  4: Pray for our other schools in Pagosa.

Sept. 5: Pray for safety and wisdom for our bus drivers.

Sept. 6: Pray for our college students as they adjust to life away from home and the challenges of attending college.

Sept. 7: Pray for teachers with kids as they try to balance the demands of their job while trying to be there for their own children.

Sept. 8: Pray for the first day of public school.  Pray especially for new students to our district and kindergarteners.

Sept. 9: Pray for first time teachers.

Sept. 10: Pray for the physical health and safety of all students and staff at all of our schools.

Sept. 11: Pray for any after school programs including Family School.

Sept. 12: Pray that we will be able to do Good News Clubs.

Sept. 13: Pray for good relationships between parents and teachers.

Sept. 14: Pray for students with difficult home lives.

Sept. 15: Pray for our college students to adjust to classes online and to be able to get the help they need.

Sept. 16: Pray for the mental and emotional health of all students, staff and families.

Sept. 17: Pray for protection against discouragement.

Sept. 18: Pray for Christian students and teachers to be strong witnesses.

Sept 19: Pray for high school seniors

Sept. 20: Pray for student athletes and coaches

Sept. 21: Pray for administration, staff and families to work in unity

Sept. 22: Pray for parents to have patience with their children.

Sept. 23: Pray for wisdom for parents, students, staff and administration.

Sept. 24: Pray for college students to have opportunities to witness to their friends.

Sept. 25: Pray for patience, kindness and understanding for everyone

Sept. 26: Pray for working parents to find solutions for childcare for the days their kids aren’t in school.

Sept. 27: Pray for motivation for students amidst  such huge changes to their education.

Sept. 28: Pray for strength for all our staff and families during this difficult time.

Sept. 29: Pray for the continued health & safety for all of our schools and universities.

Sept. 30: Pray that God would continue to work in powerful ways!