ORANGE Studio 252

Our kids are looking a bit ORANGE now that we’ve been using the Studio 252 curriculum from Orange for a month or two.  Exciting stories, great games, memory verses, new songs… What more can a kid ask for?  We hand out devotions to the kids, and follow that up with an email to the parents just in case “the dog eats it” before they get home.  And if that wasn’t enough, we have a pretty cool Treasure Chest (Hobby Lobby of course) for the kids to look through at the end.  Check out the poster in the foyer downstairs for this months theme.  (It’s pretty funny)

3 Gifts Every Dad Should Give His Kids

Wow, that was powerful.  Just finished reading a great article over at  It’s called 3 Gifts Every Dad Should Give His Kids. To sum up… Gift #1 Love their mom, Gift #2 Teach your kids respect, Gift #3 Encourage you kids.  It was a great reminder for me as I raise my kids with Christy.

Stephen Porter

Pagosa Bible Church has programs for 0 to 5th grade during our church service.  Nursery and our Preschool class is offered at 9am, and the K-5 starts midway through the service. PBC utilizes the Orange 252 elementary teaching materials designed to provoke discovery and invite kids into a new understanding of how to grow in relationship with Jesus.


More Information:

Feel free to contact Stephen Porter with any questions or comments about the Children’s Ministry here at Pagosa Bible Church.