Pagosa Bible Church Discipleship Pathway

At Pagosa Bible Church we want to do all we can to help you develop a close, personal relationship with Jesus while you grow spiritually alongside others  and further God’s kingdom in Archuleta County.  The Discipleship Pathway provides you a map to help you know how to grow spiritually.  This is not a to-do list, but instead a resource to help you understand how you can grow toward maturity as a disciple of Jesus.  Since spiritual growth is not a linear process, use this pathway to help you find the best steps to take to help you move closer to Jesus.


Base Camp                                                  (Loving God, Loving People)

This is where many people start their faith journey.  At the base camp is where you investigate and discover Jesus .  It is also where you begin to build relationships with other Christians who will  journey with you.  This is a place we should and need to visit often as we continually seek to connect more deeply with God and others.

Base Camp Opportunities

  • Attend Worship Services Regularly — focus on God through worship, take notes during the sermon and re-orient your life around God. The Hymn Sings are another opportunity for this.
  • PBC 101 Class — learn more about PBC, meet the staff and discover ways to get more connected. Offered 3 times a year.
  • Take Initiative to Meet Others — greet, welcome and get to know people during the Sunday service and at church social events like potlucks.
  • Read the Gospels — read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to get to know Jesus and His story more.
  • Share Your Faith Story — talk to others about the ways God has worked and is working in your life.
  • Serve in PBC’s Outreaches — help with our outreaches. Some examples are serving at Loaves and Fishes, Trunk or Treat, the First Responder Appreciation Meal, buying items for Operation Christmas Child, and the Hot Dog Giveaway at Youth Soccer.




Trailhead (Rooting Ourselves in the Bible)

This is the place where we are moving forward to grow in our journey with Jesus.  We develop in our spiritual knowledge and take steps each day to put into practice what we are learning.  This is done as individuals but is greatly enhanced as we join with others in Christian community through small groups, Bible studies and form spiritual friendships.

Trailhead Opportunities

  • PBC 201 Class — learn more about how to grow spiritually. Offered twice a year.
  • Daily Quiet Time — this is your personal time with God reading and studying the Bible, praying and practicing spiritual disciplines.
  • Baptism and Communion — take part in the ordinances Jesus gave to us.
  • Join a Group — attend a small group, Bible study or Bible Dig-In.
  • Tithe Regularly — put God first in your financial decisions by giving a percentage of your income to the church. You can also give above and beyond sacrificially to other opportunities like the Benevolence Offering.
  • Enjoy God’s Presence — spend time alone with God, take a Sabbath rest every week and seek to listen to Him.
  • Camps, Retreat and Conferences — get away for a time to focus on God and what He wants for your life at the Women’s, Men’s or Summer Camps.


Vista Point (Reach Out to Our Community and World)

This is not the end of the journey but beautiful points along the way.  Some people even begin their faith journey here.  Serving allows us to live beyond ourselves, whether this is at PBC, in Pagosa or globally.  We are called to invest in other people and this is done through a variety of ways.

Vista Point Opportunities

  • PBC 301 Class — go through the Network course to discover how God has equipped you to serve. Offered once a year.
  • Join PBC Ministry Team , Lead a Small Group or Bible Study — serve in one of the many areas around the church to further God’s work through PBC.
  • Invest in Relationships with Non-Believers — engage friends in spiritual conversations to share your faith and invite them to church or other events.
  • PBC 401 and 402 Classes — learn to share your faith, tell your faith story and answer questions people have. Each offered once a year.
  • Mentor Another Person — meet 1-to-1 to pass on to someone what God has taught you.
  • Get Involved in Missions Efforts — pray for our missionaries, serve on the Missions Team or go on a mission trip.
  • Develop Your Spiritual Leadership Skills — be a part of the Catalyst group, attend a Leadership Conference or read books on Spiritual Leadership.


What is a Mature Christian?

 A mature Christian is someone who has put their faith in Jesus Christ and is living out the Great Commandment to love God fully and love others as ourselves (Matthew 22:36-40).

We grow toward greater faith maturity as we grow in these 5 areas:

1) Knowledge of God and His Word — the Bible is the greatest resource God has given us to grow in our faith.  As we grow in our knowledge of God’s word we grow in our knowledge of God.

2) Godly Perspective — gaining wisdom and understanding as we grow to see the world and our lives more and more from god’s frame of reference. (Prov. 3:5-6)

3) Biblical Convictions  — taking on the values, commitments and motivations of Jesus.

4) Key Faith Skills — the ability to live a faithful life.  Some essential skills are knowing how to: study the Bible, pray, witness, love people, selflessness, spiritual disciplines and the skills needed for ministry.

5) Christlike Character — this is who you are when no one is looking.  A mature Christian possesses and is growing in the character traits of Jesus like those seen in the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23).