Daniel and Janna Ross-Ukraine
First Love International
The Rosses moved to Ukraine in 2011. They partner with Ukrainian Christians to reach at-risk kids and provide Christ-centered homes for orphaned and abandoned children. They provide the structure and support for Safe Haven, a transition home for young adults graduating from a state-run orphanage in Kaniv, Ukraine. They support Vitalik and Lena Handja, another young couple who regularly take in kids from a rescue shelter nearby. They also help various foster homes, children’s homes, and other organizations with one-time needs, and frequently assist in building projects at these homes. Daniel and Janna help organize camps as well, which are a great way to share the love of Christ, build relationships with the kids, and show a positive example. The kids we work with come from neglectful or abusive backgrounds. They have been wounded and abandoned by the very people who should have loved them the most. They come to us hurting and confused. There is no quick fix for these kids. Gaining trust and breaking down the walls they’ve built around their hearts takes years. But we believe God has a plan for them and that together, we can make a difference!


For more information please visit the First Love International website at http://www.firstloveinternational.com